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The musician artist Toksa spoke on his Facebook page this Friday, March 24, 2023 following the decision of the Higher Communication Council (CSC), which had called on media managers to “refrain from relaying through broadcasting” , the “SOTRACO” music video.

The High Council of Communication (CSC) on March 23, 2023 in a note, called on media managers to ” refrain from relaying through broadcast », le clip « SUBTRACT because it contains denigrating content for the Société de Transport en Commun de Ouagadougou (SOTRACO).

This decision follows a complaint filed by SOTRACO on February 14, 2023, on the content of Toksa’s discographic release. According to the CSC, this clip would be « infringing the rights of SOTRACO ».

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For the musician artist Toksa, his intention « has, in no way, been to undermine the values ​​of its mission (SOTRACO editor’s note)”, he asserted. According to him, the various comments that arise are a clear desire for the population to make SOTRACO “a model for public transport in the sub-region”.

For the artist-musician, this situation should be an opportunity for everyone, including SOTRACO, to reflect on “ways and means that will make it possible to promote SOTRACO” and to enhance SOTRACO’s image instead of creating disputes.

Cheick Habib Désiré BAYILI (Trainee)


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