Tokyo Ginza robbery case There are four people who are suspected to be involved in teenagers | NHK

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the incident happened at a luxury watch store in Ginza, Tokyo at around 6:15pm on the 8th. The men entered a van parked in front of the store and fled northeast along Chuo-dori.

The Metropolitan Police Department found the van that escaped at 6:29 pm, near 1-chome Nagatacho, Chiyoda Ward, near the National Diet Building.

When the chase began, the wagon passed in front of the National Diet Building and the National Diet Library, heading for the Akasaka Mitsuke intersection.

About a minute after the pursuit began, the wagon was once lost near Akasaka 4-chome, Minato-ku, but a few minutes later at 6:33 pm, an abandoned wagon was found at Akasaka 8-chome.

Four people were arrested in a nearby apartment building.


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