Trailer Released for SBS Plus and ENA’s Reality Dating Show ‘I’m SOLO’: Unexpected Twists and Emotional Moments Revealed

SBS PLUS and ENA’s Reality Dating Program ‘I’m SOLO’ Releases Trailer for ‘Hanbok Random Date’

By Ahn Yoon-ji | August 25, 2023 10:29 AM

SBS PLUS and ENA’s highly anticipated reality dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ has unveiled an exciting trailer featuring a captivating ‘Hanbok random date’ scene. The trailer showcases the 16 charming dolsing men and women who have unexpectedly found themselves separated just days before the broadcast on the 30th.

One of the couples, Young-ho and Young-ja, share a heartwarming moment as Young-ho expresses his affection, stating, “We communicate so effortlessly.” Young-ja’s response, “Hmm~ I really like that!” reveals their growing connection. Young-shik and Hyeon-suk also capture the viewers’ attention with a mesmerizing ‘couple shot’ taken against the backdrop of a beautiful night sky, emanating a romantic aura.

However, an ominous atmosphere surrounds the couple Kwang-soo and Young-sook. It is evident that they face impending disaster as Young-sook sheds tears while Kwang-soo, seemingly lost for words, maintains a somber expression for a while. Young-sook’s cold treatment towards Kwang-soo, commanding him to “drop your bag,” adds to the tension. Eventually, Young-sook returns to ‘Solo Nara 16,’ still in tears. This dramatic turn of events in the ‘Hanbok Random Date’ alternative has raised curiosity about what transpired between Kwang-soo and Young-sook.

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Reporter Ahn Yoon-ji | 2023.08.25 10:29

/Lun = SBS Plus, ENA ‘I’m solo’ ‘I’m SOLO (I’m solo)’ 16 gigs ‘extreme opposites’ A random date of fate was predicted.

SBS PLUS and ENA’s reality dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ has released a trailer featuring a ‘Hanbok random date’ scene of the 16th dolsing men and women who have been suddenly split before the broadcast on the 30th .

In this trailer, Young-ho expresses his affection for Young-ja, saying, “But unintentionally, he communicates well,” and Young-ja also responds, “Hmm~ I like it a lot!” Young-shik and Hyeon-suk also take a ‘couple shot’ in a beautiful night scene, exuding a pink atmosphere.

On the other hand, Kwang-soo and Young-sook have a premonition of disaster in an unusual atmosphere. Young-sook sheds tears, and Kwang-soo, at a loss for words, has a hard expression for a while.

However, Young-sook coldly treats her by saying, “Drop your bag,” and returns to ‘Solo Nara 16,’ shedding tears. In the ‘Hanbok Random Date’ alternative, Chomi’s attention is focused on what happened to Kwang-soo and Young-sook.

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