Twitches the fin glands! Baifern recounts the moment of cheering you on at the edge of the stage. The man was amazed by this very thing.

Is it fun because of the song or the singer?

Well, maybe they are inseparable.

When he saw the guitar we gave him for his birthday present How is she on stage?

I’m glad we didn’t expect him to bring it up to the concert anyway. intend to give see that he likes to play music He plays good music

Is it because of the sound?

We don’t have the ability to differentiate that much. But Mr. Man, he has a good voice. Didn’t expect it at first. Afraid he won’t even like it. because the guitar has a wooden neck But when he says he likes it, he’ll pick it up. We are excited.

Can Fern dance like that?

Be considerate of Jae, he


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