“Universiade Billiards Goddess” promotes the excitement of thousands of people in the Beijie Banqiao billiards court: want to play | LIFE | QUANTITY

Zhang Wanqing was named “Pool Billiards Goddess of the Universiade”. (Photo/Photo taken by wan21.z IG, same below)

Zhang Wanqing, who studies at Jia Nan College of Medicine, won the bronze medal in the women’s singles billiards at the Universiade in May. Recently, she even received an advertisement from Beijie to promote the newly opened Banqiao Billiard Court, which made her call “super nervous”.

Recently, Zhang Wanqing posted on IG, “I am very happy to be invited by Beijie to shoot a promotional video for Banqiao Billiards Court! Everyone can pay attention while taking the MRT if you have anything to do.” She also thanked the staff for their care, because she was very nervous to begin with. “In short, to have a comfortable environment that allows everyone to get there easily and has air conditioning, I can really go and play golf often.”

Zhang Wanqing is playing in the Banqiao pool court.
Zhang Wanqing is playing in the Banqiao pool court.

After this article was revealed, more than 4,700 people clicked on the heart, and netizens left messages to answer “good fairy”, “I really want to ask the goddess for dinner”, ” want to play with the goddess”, “the black tape on the chest contains the LOGO?”, ” A new generation of billiards goddess “Hey”, “very beautiful”.

Regarding winning the Universiade women’s singles bronze medal, Zhang Wanqing said, “Originally, I swore that the second match of the individual competition would end. After all, I looked at the signing and had no expectations or ideas. I have no ambition and I don’t know a normal situation. Are people who don’t touch the ball going to be funny or something?” Originally she planned to go shopping with her friends after the second game, but unexpectedly she broke into the top four and finally won the bronze medal. As the school does not have fund resources, she said she was very lucky to have so many people to accompany her along the way.

It is understood that there are 10 tables in Banqiao Snooker Stadium, and the online reservation is 100 yuan for an hour, and the on-site ticket is 200 yuan. The location is inside the MRT station, and the transport is convenient. However, according to a reporter from “CTWANT” who went to play on site during the test period, the air conditioning was not really too cold.

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