Home Health Urinary stones that form in the body… Once you come, you keep coming.

Urinary stones that form in the body… Once you come, you keep coming.

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50Big office worker Kim(52)Mr. recently felt severe stabbing pains in his flank and lower abdomen.. I was rushed to the hospital emergency room and was diagnosed with urolithiasis.. What is the size of the stone that Mr. Kim has? 5It was small and not hard, so it could be treated with natural excretion through excretory palpation therapy.. If the stone size is 10If it was abnormally large and hard, surgery was inevitable..

Urolithiasis occurs from the kidneys that make urine to the ureters.bladderIt is a disease in which stone-like hard stones form when inorganic substances such as calcium and oxalic acid accumulate in the urethra..

During the summer, you sweat a lot and your body loses water. If you drink a lot of beer or iced coffee instead of water, you lose more water and your urine becomes concentrated. Consuming too much animal protein can also cause urolithiasis.

The symptoms of urolithiasis vary slightly depending on the location of the stone.. The most common symptom is sudden pain in the flank or abdomen.. In men, the bladder or scrotumPain may also be present in the testicles.

Bladder irritation symptoms such as frequent urination can also occur when stones travel down the urethra to the bladder.. If the pain is severe, symptoms such as vomiting or bloating may occur and may be accompanied by hematuria.. Pain persists and then disappears repeatedly.

When looking at patients with urolithiasis by gender, male 7.1%, woman 4.3%occurs more in men. There is a family history of urolithiasis, Once it occurs, it tends to recur..

Treatment for urolithiasis determines the size and location of stonesCountingredient, Whether symptoms persist, Treatment varies depending on the comorbidity.

usually the size 5Small internal and external urolithiasis can be expected to pass naturally without any treatment.. Excretion promotion therapy using alpha blockers is used to promote excretion.. If it is delayed without spontaneous discharge, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or surgery is performed..

Professor Roh Tae-il of the Department of Urology at Korea University Anam Hospital If pain persists despite appropriate analgesic administration, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or endoscopic surgerylaparoscopyStones can be removed with robotic surgeryas Because urolithiasis has a high risk of recurrence, it is usually 2~3drink plenty of water, Reducing salt and protein intake can help prevent urolithiasissaid.

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