Why? Airlines are (still) adding flights to Suvarnabhumi difficult.

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It is still a questionable issue and much has been asked of it. Now all countries are relaxing their entry-exit measures. to normal conditions, but why do “airlines” wish to request slots for inbound flights? So, Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has not arrived yet.

especially airlines from China It is said that nearly 20 airlines are requesting to fly in about 50-60 flights per day. since China opened the country Most of this number has not been approved, although it is a very small amount compared to the year 2019 when Chinese airlines made about 200 flights / day to Thailand.

this issue “Sutthipong Kongpool” The Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand or CAAT gave information earlier that Suvarnabhumi Airport’s problem is not finding flight slots. But it depends on the management of the area services at Suvarnabhumi Airport which still has problems.


the same with the Airports Company of Thailand (AOT.) or AOT, as an airport operator, which has always come forward to explain and find solutions to problems.

by “Nitinai Sirismatthakarn” The President of AOT gave information that in the past AOT had given the right to operate in the field of ground services with 2 operators, namely Thai Airways and Bangkok Flight Services Co, Ltd (BFS), a subsidiary of Bangkok Airways.

The problem is that Thai Airways, which originally had about 80% of the service, had a problem and had to commit to a rehabilitation plan. causing the potential of the service not being able to return as before In terms of inadequate equipment and personnel after international flights resume normal operations. Despite continuously announcing more employees

That is why AOT proposed to the Cabinet to consider opening a bid for ground service companies or ground service companies at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the third company, to solve the problem of insufficient ground services at the moment.

Most recently, on March 7, 2023, the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) approved AOT to implement a project to provide parking services and ground equipment. The provision of ground passenger services and other related businesses at the third operator’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has been completed. It will issue private invitations and draft investment contracts in June-July.

Although AOT itself is ready to send ground service companies. Airports of Thailand or AOTGA, which is a subsidiary, also competes for concessions. After accumulating experience serving in Phuket airport and Don Mueang Airport for more than 4 years

And provides ground service with more than 50 airlines worldwide at Phuket Airport and more than 10 airlines at Don Mueang Airport.

It is not difficult to guess who “who” will be the third ground service provider at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

However, in the meantime, “Suvarnabhumi Airport” will still face the problem of being unsatisfied for incoming and outgoing flights. definitely goes a long way

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