Woman Arrested for forging documents to secure government job in Kollam

16 July 2023, 02:00 AM IST

Rakhi Arrested for Presenting Fraudulent Appointment Letter to Secure Government Job

Kollam: In a recent development, the police have taken custody of R. Rakhi from Valathungal Aishwarya in Kollam, who attempted to gain entry into a government position using a counterfeit appointment letter. The suspect has confessed to forging the documents, according to the authorities.

The incident took place when Rakhi appeared at the Karunagappally taluk office with documents claiming her inclusion in the rank list and possessing an official appointment order issued by the Public Service Commission (PSC). However, the Karunagappally Tehsildar in the revenue department grew suspicious upon noticing that the appointment order, which designated Rakhi as a clerk, bore the signature of the Revenue Officer instead of the collector. Furthermore, an examination of the fake rank list displayed by Rakhi revealed inconsistencies, which were amplified by the fact that the 35th-ranked candidate on the list had already joined the Karunagappally taluk office.

Subsequently, the District PSC Tehsildar advised Rakhi to visit the office to settle the dispute she had raised. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the appointment order produced by Rakhi was indeed fraudulent.

Investigations have shown that Rakhi had forged an advice memo nine months prior and sent it to her own address. Additionally, she created a falsified appointment letter, indicating her intent to commence work on Saturday, which was also sent to her own address. These documents were skillfully presented to deceive the PSC officials. Rakhi, along with her relatives, was promptly detained by the authorities. While being questioned at the police office, Rakhi maintained her innocence and did not admit to the crime.

Later on, Rakhi and her accomplices were transported to the Kollam East Police Station for an extensive questioning session. It was during this process that Rakhi finally confessed to fabricating all the documents with the assistance of a mobile phone. Consequently, her arrest was officially recorded. The police are now conducting further investigations to ascertain whether Rakhi received help from any other individuals.

The arrest of Rakhi is a significant step towards maintaining the integrity of the government recruitment process, and it serves as a reminder that fraudulent activities will not be tolerated. The authorities are determined to identify any other potential culprits involved in this case.

16 July 2023, 02:00 AM IST

Kollam: Police arrested a woman who brought a fake appointment letter to enter a government job. R. Rakhi was arrested in Kollam Valathungal Aishwarya. The police said they had admitted that the documents had been forged.

PSC The woman had come to join the post at Karunagappally taluk office with the documents that she was included in the rank list and appointment order. In the revenue department LD The Karunagappally Tehsildar was suspicious when he saw the order that he was appointed as a clerk. The collector signs the appointment order of those employed in the revenue department. But the order produced by Rakhi had the signature of the Revenue Officer. LD The woman said she was ranked 22nd in the clerk’s exam. A fake rank list was also shown. The suspicion was strengthened as the 35th rank winner on the same list joined the Karunagappally taluk office. District PSC Tehsildar to the woman who filed a dispute in the taluk office. Advised to go to the office. PSC On inspection in the office, it was found that the order was false.

Police said the advice memo was forged nine months ago and sent to his own address. He also sent a fake appointment letter to his own address stating that he wanted to join work on Saturday. These documents were verified by PSC. The officers detained Rakhi and her relatives. Police PSC During the questioning at the office, the accused did not confess to the crime.

They were later brought to Kollam East Police Station and questioned in detail. The accused admitted that all the documents were forged with the help of mobile phone. This is how the arrest was recorded. Police say the other relatives taken into custody had no role in forging the documents. Police are investigating whether they received help from anyone else.

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