Woman in her 50s sued for ‘marriage impersonation, special threats’ “I will reveal it without lies at the press conference”

A man in his 50s who sued an actress in her 50s on charges such as marriage impersonation and special intimidation said, “I’ll tell you the truth without telling a lie.”

On the 19th, the complainant said, “I will tell you the situation and the situation as it is without lies from June 2020 until today.”

Mr. said B, “I would also like to state my position on civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions. The press conference was held because we also wanted to correct the false speculative article.”

According to the Ilyo Shimbun on the 13th, actress A was sued for contract money by B, who had been in a relationship for about two years.

B, who was married at the time, met A for the first time at a golf club in 2020 and it developed into a romantic relationship, after which A asked for a divorce from each other’s spouse and remarried himself, and they accepted it. However, when Mr A postponed the divorce and soon announced the breakup, Mr B saw that he had no intention of marrying him and filed a lawsuit claiming that he would return the financial responsibility.

In addition, Mr. B filed a criminal complaint on charges of special intimidation, saying that Mr. A, who heard about the contract claiming legal action, came to his house and demanded that the cattle be withdrawn. and wear a weapon.

On the other hand, Mr. And his first appearance as a film actor in the 1990s and it is known that he was active in plays and films until recently.

Kang Min-sun, online news reporter mingtung@segye.com

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