Xiaomi Civi 2 Invitations Unboxed: Giant Pink Bow Cake_Support_Series_Kitty

Original title: Xiaomi Civi 2 invitation out of the box: a huge pink bow cake

News on September 27th, today at 14:00, the new member of the Xiaomi Civi series, Xiaomi Civi 2 will be officially released. As the main selfie series, Xiaomi Civi 2 has a front dual camera lens for the first time , a 32-megapixel main camera, and It is a 32-megapixel ultra-wide angle main camera, called “Xiaomi’s strongest front selfie”.

Now that the machine’s invitation letter has come to our evaluation room, let’s take a quick look below.

what is interestingAfter opening the box, I found a huge pink bow cake. The whole cake adopts the same “little white dress” design of Xiaomi Civi 2.On the side of the cake are the words “XIAOMI CIVI 2”.

From handwritten cards,Today is the first anniversary of the Xiaomi Civi series,Hu Xinxin, Product Manager of Xiaomi Civi said, “Thank you for your attention and support over the past year, and I hope you will continue to accompany us and support us in the coming days.”

It is understood that Xiaomi Civi 2 offers four colors: small white dress, pounding pink, ice blue, and Mengmeng black. At the same time, it has also launched a trend limited gift box with Hello Kitty. In addition to the small white dress version from Xiaomi Civi 2,There’s also a personalized Hello Kitty lipstick charging treasure, two limited edition brooches, and the same bag as the figure, which young ladies should love.

In terms of core configuration, Xiaomi Civi 2 will be equipped with Qualcomm’s first generation Snapdragon 7 mobile platform, a built-in 4500mAh battery, support 67W fast charging, and the screen will be upgraded to 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming.

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