Yao Zhuofei studied abroad, Yan Mingxi often returns to the mainland for After Class, Zhan Tianwen is not happy, Zhong Rumei and other teammates return to Hong Kong to reunite (19:02) – 20230202 – SHOWBIZ

Yao Zhuofei (Chantel), who is currently studying in New Zealand, was interviewed by her classmates after Class Zhan Tianwen (Windy) and Zhong Roumei (Yumi) before leaving Hong Kong. Chantel enrolled at Ysgol yr Esgobaeth i Merched (Esgobal Esgobaeth for Girls), a local aristocratic institution, and followed the International Baccalaureate (IB) course. She said that the content of the course is relatively difficult, but she wants to challenge herself, and she will also take part in school activities while studying. Chantel emphasized that she will return to Hong Kong whenever there is a holiday, and that she will keep in touch with fans through the Internet during the week.

Chantel went to study in New Zealand, and Yan Mingxi (Gigi) also returned to work on the mainland from time to time. After Class is difficult to fill. Zhan Tianwen said frankly that he was not happy: “We have known each other since participating in “Legend of Dreams”, and we often attend events together. Although two people are missing now, it will After Class continues to produce group songs. I hope everyone won’t think that breaking up means breaking up the group. The 4 of us will be together forever!” Chung Yu Mei continued: “When they return to Hong Kong , we will be reunited! If there is a chance, I hope to go on a holiday trip, or go to New Zealand to visit Chantel. Before the epidemic, my family and I traveled abroad every year, I have not flown since more than 3 years now, I really want to travel and relax. I heard that my family is already planning a trip, but my mother refuses to reveal the details.”

Looking back on last year, Zhan Tianwen felt that his performance in all aspects was too average. This year, he hopes to have a more prominent personal image. He really imagines that Korean girl group members have long hair. She and Zhong Yumei will sit the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) next year, and are confident they can balance their studies and the performing arts.

For more details on the interview, tune in to tomorrow’s (February 3) edition of Ming Pao Entertainment.

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