Yip In Soi joins the Department of Vocational Education Bangsaen Technical College, Khon Kaen University launches “RYN” electric motorcycle made by Thai people

Yip In Soi joins the Vocational Education Department of Bangsaen Technical College and Khon Kaen University to present Thai-made electric motorcycle “RYN” for the first time at the Motor Expo 2022

with Ms. Morakot Yipinsoi, President and CEO of Yip In Tsoi Co., Ltd. and the development of vocational education, Mr Pirun Wiriyaprakob, Director of Bangsaen Technical College and Assoc. Become a representative

In addition, a memorandum of cooperation has been made between Ms Morakot Yip In Tsoi, Yip In Tsoi Co, Ltd and Associate Professor. Chanchaipanthongwiriyakul, President of Khon Kaen University in the project “Development of research into industrial production” to bring lithium ion batteries from battery factories Using the electric motorcycle brand RYN (RYN) of the Yip In Soi Co., Ltd.

There is also a project to develop and expand the battery business to expand into the Renewable Energy group, renewable energy for our good environment.

Are you interested in seeing the RYN EV electric motorcycle prototype at Motor Expo 2022 at Impact Muang Thong Thani, Challenger Building 1, Gate 3, during until December 12?