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Aftershock of Xing Haiming’s ‘betting’ comments… Nerve conduction to be accepted in part thanks to National Election Commission



The government sent a stern warning to Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming, who caused controversy over his so-called ‘betting comments’, but the aftershock continues.

The ruling and the opposition parties fought a war of words today (the 10th), saying it was “humiliating diplomacy” and that “national interests are important.”

In the audit of the National Election Commission of the Audit and Inspection Board, there was still a difference of perspective.

Cha Seung-eun is a reporter.


Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming criticized the Korean government’s foreign policy in a meeting with Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung on the 8th and made provocative comments such as “Betting on defeating China is wrong” and “You will regret it.”

People power highlighted Ambassador Singh’s inappropriate words and actions over the weekend, and at the same time attacked the Democratic Party as “humiliating diplomacy.”

Kim Ki-hyun, representative of People’s Power, said on his SNS, “I get angry when I see the Democratic Party bowing before the Chinese ambassador.”

He raised the level of criticism further, saying, “When are you going to abandon the shallow perception that it is okay to humiliate China in order to discredit the government?”

On the other hand, CEO Lee objected that “the attitude of the Chinese government was not appropriate” but that it was “a diplomatic strategy to protect national interests”.

Instead, he counter-attacked, saying, “It is not the attitude of the ruling party to disparage the efforts of the opposition to protect national interests.”

“What is really important is not maintaining their power, but the lives of the people, the security of the Republic of Korea, and the national interest of the country.”

The opposition and opposition parties also fought over the National Electoral Commission’s decision to partially accept the audit of the Audit and Inspection Board only for cases of recruitment corruption.

He urged the people’s power again, with the resignation of all NEC members, that the NEC should undergo a full audit, not a partial audit.

“Isn’t the reason why we reluctantly chose ‘partial acceptance’ because illegal hiring is at the forefront of NEC corruption?”

On the other hand, the Democratic Party respected the decision to accept partial audits, but drew a line on further demands.

“For other reasons, we will completely block any attempt to undermine the neutrality of the Electoral Commission from the start.”

As the judgment and the opposition parties are unable to close the gap in the scope of the examination, difficulties are expected in the discussion of the National Assembly’s investigation in the future.

This is Cha Seung-eun from Yonhap News TV. (

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