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‘Ronaldo’s winning goal’ Man Utd advances to European Champions League round of 16… Chelsea also joined


Manchester United, who played their first match under Carrick after Solskär’s sacking, advanced to the European Champions League round of 16 with Ronaldo leading the way.

Chelsea also secured a place in the round of 16 with a huge win over Juventus.

Correspondent Kim Jong-seong.


Ronaldo gets angry with the referee when the match doesn’t go well.

Manchester United, who could hardly break through Villarreal’s defense, faced the risk of conceding several times again.

In the 33rd minute of the second half, after a goalless battle, Manchester United finally got a chance.

Ronaldo, who caught the ball by taking advantage of the opponent’s faulty play, passed the goalkeeper key to open the goal, and he unfolded a ‘heavy rain celebration’ without fail.

Ronaldo, who has scored goals in all five Champions League matches this season, has increased his Champions League record for most appearances and goals to 140 goals and 181 matches.

After adding Sancho’s first goal at the end of the second half, United won 2-0.

Manchester United, who maintained the top spot in Group F with a three-point gap with Villarreal, confirmed their place in the round of 16 regardless of the remaining matches.

“There were players who made a difference and they did well in the end. From the start to the players on the bench, everyone did their part.”

The ball hit Chelsea Rudiger’s arm, and Chalova slammed it into the net.

Juventus players insisted on handball, but it was not accepted.

Chelsea hit Juventus with three more goals in the second half alone, including a strong shot from James after a sensational trap.

Chelsea, who took Juventus to second place in the group and take the lead, have settled into the round of 16 tournament.

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