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A battle in which government leadership was at stake… Must-have, the touch of the last minute



On the last day before the June 1 local elections, the ruling and opposition parties prepared D-Day by paying close attention to the situation in each region.

As the results of the local elections, held three weeks after the new government was launched, are directly related to who takes the lead in politics, both the ruling and opposition parties vowed to win.

This is reporter Seo Hye-rim.


The People’s Power analyzes that victory can be put in at least 9 of the 17 electoral districts for regional leaders.

It was predicted that Yeongnam, a traditional vegetable garden, would win a complete victory, and it is also predicted that victory has passed in Seoul and North Chungcheong Province.

Chungnam, which had been viewed as ‘competition’, was adjusted to ‘competition advantage’, and Sejong and Daejeon also saw an upward trend.

If you add points to this in the Pansein match in the fog, it’s a calculation that you can win a ‘big win’.

The Democratic Party of Korea lowered expectations significantly from the beginning of the election. If you win in 5 or 6 places, it’s a ‘save’ judgment.

It is meant to win 3 Honam and Jeju, and to try to add points in other contested areas. We can expect victories in Chungnam and Daejeon, which are continuing close battles, and Gangwon, which has been evaluated to be somewhat behind the power of the people, has risen at the last minute. That is the Democrat’s analysis.

It is the will to gather as many votes as possible to the last vote even in the ultra-thin match.

The outcome of this local election is directly related to the question of who will take the lead in politics in the future.

If the people’s power takes control of the central battlefield, including Gyeonggi, the new government’s ‘green light’ can be turned on.

“If the presidential election is the first half of regime change, local elections are the second half of regime change. Let’s win and complete the regime change.”

Conversely, there is a possibility that the Democratic Party will deepen its anger over the theory of responsibility for losing the election.

In particular, as the national convention to elect the next leadership is scheduled for this coming August, the struggle for power between factions and the party renewal debate may cause a big rupture.

However, if the Democratic Party achieves the expected results in competitions and other competitions, it is expected that the presence of a large opposition party will continue based on public opinion to check the new government.

“The way to prevent self-righteousness and arrogance in advance is to give talented people a chance to take on the responsibilities of local government and take care of the people’s livelihood and the field.”

This is Yonhap News TV, Seo Hye-rim. (hrseo@yna.co.kr)

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