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Yoon Yeo-jeong, the first Golden Crown Order of Cultural Merit for the first time in 12 years at the Popular Culture and Arts Awards (comprehensive)

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Awards ceremony today… Order of Cultural Merit to 6 people including Lee Jang-hee, Lee Chun-yeon, and Park In-hwan

Yoon Yeo-jeong at the Academy Awards

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Korean actress Yoon Yeo-jeong attends the 93rd Academy Awards held at Union Station in Los Angeles, USA on the 25th (local time). 2021.4.26 [오스카 홈페이지. 재판매 및 DB금지] [email protected]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Eun-Jeong Lee = Yoon Yeo-jeong, the first Korean actress to receive an Academy Award for her role in the movie ‘Minari,’ will be awarded the Golden Crown of Cultural Merit, the highest decoration given to those who have contributed to culture and art. It is the first time that a recipient of the Order of the Gold Medal has been awarded at the 12th Popular Culture and Arts Awards.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency selected a total of 29 people (teams) including 6 recipients of the ‘2021 Republic of Korea Popular Culture and Arts Award’, 7 Presidential Citations, 7 Prime Minister Citations, and 9 Ministers of Culture and Culture (teams). It was announced on the 28th of the year.

The Eunkwan Order of Culture is awarded to Lee Jang-hee, a first-generation singer-songwriter and ‘Korean folk legend’ in the 1970s, and Lee Chun-yeon, a film producer who led the revival of the Korean film industry.

Song Jae-ho, an actor who was called ‘the national father’, Park In-hwan, an actor who recently showed a new challenge with the drama ‘Navillera’, and Noh Hee-kyung, a drama writer who gained sympathy for ‘The World They Live In’ and ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’, were selected for the Order of Cultural Merit.

In addition, actors Kim Young-cheol and Jung Woo-sung, singers Kim Yeon-ja and Lee Jeok, producer Kim Tae-ho of MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ‘What do you do when you play’, Park Jae-beom, writer of the dramas ‘Chief Kim’ and ‘Vincenzo’, and the cartoon ‘Young Shim’ and Run Hani, etc. Choi Soo-min, a voice actor, receives a presidential commendation.

Actors Jung-eun Lee and Ye-ri Han, singer Woong-san, performer Won-young Won, musical music director Moon-jung Kim, voice actor Ahn Gyeong-jin, and artistic director Kim Seol-jin were named for the Prime Minister’s Commendation.

Group NCT Dream and Oh My Girl, actors Lee Je-hoon and Oh Jeong-se, comedian Young-mi Ahn, voice actress Choi Deok-hee, performers Seo Young-do and Ko Sang-ji, and model Choi So-ra are commended by the Minister of Culture.

The Popular Culture and Arts Award is selected by examining various matters such as public period, domestic and overseas activities and achievements, contribution to related industries, social contribution, and public reputation and recognition.

The awards ceremony will be broadcast live through Conjinwon (https://www.youtube.com/koreancontent) and ‘The K-Pop’ YouTube channel at 6 pm on the same day.

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