Yuzuru Hanyu hopes to achieve three consecutive Winter Olympics, resolutely use 4A to hope success_Game_Olympics_Key

Original title: Yuzuru Hanyu hopes to achieve three consecutive Winter Olympics, resolutely use 4A to hope for success

On December 27, Beijing time, he won the All Japan Figure Skating Championship for the second consecutive year and was selected as the representative of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year. In an interview with the media, the 27-year-old Yuzuru Hanyu expressed the realization of an unprecedented Olympic Games III. Strong desire to win consecutive championships. The key to this feat is the unprecedented Axel four-week jump. On the 26th local time, when he tried for the first time in the game, his feet fell to the ice and were dropped into the group. At present, he still lacks the accuracy of mastering the super technique.

“When I put on the competition costumes, I have a feeling of memory, and I feel high in fighting spirit. This is the Olympic Games.” Yuzuru Hanyu said, “For me, the Olympics is something I must win. Place. That’s why I have a strong determination and I absolutely want to win.”

Speaking of the most powerful competitor, the American brother Chen Wei, his opponent has a world record of 335.30 points, and he is the king of the World Championships in three consecutive championships. Yuzuru Hanyu said: “At the moment, I lose. The probability is definitely greater than Pyeongchang. The key to winning the gold medal is 4A, which is why I use this action in the free skating at the full-day championship.”

Speaking of the Beijing Winter Olympics 38 days later, Yuzuru Hanyu, who just created the highest score in the world this season, said: “I hope to complete a 4A with a positive GOE at the Winter Olympics. In addition to completing this action, I My goal is to get GOE bonus points, I will practice 4A firmly, and I definitely don’t want to lose the game.”Return to Sohu to see more


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