Zelensky warns Russian soldiers to surrender, keep secret

President Zelensky’s speech in Russian

Telegram captures Zelensky’s presidential office. DB Resale and Ban

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Correspondent Jeon Myung-hoon = Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Russian troops to surrender on the 24th (local time), saying they would actively guarantee the safety of Russian troops who were called in to move a reserve Russian reserve. forces.

According to the Office of the President of Ukraine, President Zelensky said in a late night speech in Russian that he would “guarantee three things to surrender the Russian army.”

“I will treat prisoners of war in a civilized manner, in accordance with all international agreements,” he said.

Second, he said, “I will ensure that the Russian side will never know under what circumstances it surrendered or surrendered voluntarily.” I will find him,” he said.

Regarding the mobilization of reserve forces declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Zelensky said, “As soon as the mobilization order is declared, it is called a ‘movement to the grave’.

“It is better not to receive a notice of enlistment than to die as a war criminal in a foreign country,” he said.

He called for surrender, saying, “The important moment has come. It will now be decided whether life will end or not.”


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