【TpGS 23】 “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII” joins Xbox Game Pass line in July “Sword and Fairy: Together Forever”

Xbox Taiwan officially announced at the ID@Xbox stage event held at the Taipei International Game Show 2023 on February 5 (Sunday) that Xianwu’s latest classic role-playing game “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII” will join Xbox on July 6 The Game Pass a lineup for subscribers to play.

“Cwedl Cleddyf a Tylwyj Teg VII” is the latest work in the “Legend of Sword and Fairy” series produced by Softstar. The story revolves around the three races of humans, gods, and demons. This is an adventure story of unfolded fairy tales. by the four main characters Qingshu, Bai Moqing, a pupil of the Xianxia School, and Sangyou, a young man from Miaojiang. The highly innovative third-person seamless real-time action combat brings players a refreshing combat experience.

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“Legend of Sword and Fairy VII” will be the first to launch the PC version in October 2021, the PS4 / PS5 version in August 2022, and the Xbox One / Xbox Series X version | S in November of the same year. This Sunday, at the ID@Xbox platform event held at the Xbox booth at the Taipei Game Show, Cary Chen, Marketing Director of Microsoft Xbox Greater China, personally announced that “Legend of Sword and Fairy VII” will join Xbox Game Pass on July. 6. Lineup, players who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass will be able to enjoy playing this popular fairy tale RPG from Taiwan starting this summer.

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