[단독]Seongnam Promotion Agency is hiring more children of ‘Lee Jae-myung’s aide’

Provided by Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency Smart ImageWhen Lee Jae-myung was the mayor of Seongnam, it was additionally confirmed that the child of another close associate of Lee Jae-myung was hired by the Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency under Seongnam City and is currently serving.

Previously, CBS Nocut News reported that the two candidates who passed the Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency’s recruitment in 2011 were children of Lee Jae-myung’s representatives.

According to the CBS Nocut News coverage on the 31st, Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency openly recruited 6th grade general positions in December 2012.

At that time, 140 people applied for this screening, and 4 of them passed. It was confirmed that one of those who passed through the high competition ratio of 35 to 1 was the son of the former president of Seongnam Life Sports Association Baek. His son, Baek, is currently working in the audit office of the Korea Industry Promotion Agency.

Former Chairman Baek served as the head of the camp’s joint campaign headquarters when Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung ran for mayor of Seongnam in 2014, and served as the advisory chair of the Seongnam City Transition Committee in 2010. He is currently an advisor (former president) of the Honam Community of Seongnam City.

Mr. Choi (pictured) ran for the Seongnam City Council Ma constituency in 2014.Mr. Choi (pictured) ran for the Seongnam City Council Ma constituency in 2014.Earlier, through a CBS Nocut News report, it was known that the two successful candidates for the 2011 Industry Promotion Agency were children of candidate Lee Jae-myung’s aide, and it became controversial. The two are believed to be the son of Kim In-seop, who served as the head of Lee’s mayoral election campaign, and the son of Choi, who served as a transition committee member for Seongnam City.

In addition, the fact that the son of former Chairman Baek, who is closely related to this candidate, also attended the Korea Industry Promotion Agency, the controversy over the ‘modern version of the eumseoje’ seems to be getting hotter.

CBS No Cut News contacted former Chairman Baek several times, but no contact was reached.

Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency said, “I know that the hiring process at the time was similarly normal.”

A representative of the Democratic Party’s camp, Jae-myung Lee, said, “Ex-Chairman Baek is the president of the Seongnam Honam Community Association, so we know each other (with Lee).”


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