[사회]Kwak Sang-do’s arrest warrant dismissed… ‘5 billion club’ lobby investigation set aside


The arrest warrant for former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who was asked for a warrant on suspicion of helping the developers in Daejang-dong and receiving large sums of money through his son, has been dismissed.

The prosecution’s investigation into the lobbying allegations, symbolized by the so-called ‘5 billion club’, is expected to inevitably be disrupted.

Correspondent Lee Seung-bae.


Former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do leaves the Seoul Detention Center.

The prosecution applied for an arrest warrant for former lawmaker Kwak, but the court rejected it.

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The court explained the reason for dismissing the warrant, saying that there is room for dispute over whether or not a crime has been established, so it is necessary to guarantee the right of defense of the suspect, and the necessity and reasonableness of the reason for arrest is insufficient.

Former lawmaker Kwak is accused of preventing the bankruptcy crisis of the Hana Bank consortium at the request of Mr.

Although Hwacheon Daeyu gave 5 billion won to the son of former lawmaker Kwak in the name of severance pay, only half of the money was stated in the warrant after taxes and other factors were excluded.

In the warrant review, which lasted about two hours, the cost of the money received was a key issue, and former lawmaker Kwak protested that the prosecution could not provide clear evidence other than the statements of related persons such as Kim Man-bae and his party.

It is known that the prosecution also responded to the question of the court about who the mediator was to the effect that it has not yet been specified.

In September 2018, former lawmaker Kwak met Man-bae Kim at a restaurant and asked for a payment for mediation, and even presented the receipt Kim paid for,

It is reported that former lawmaker Kwak countered that he had never met Kim, giving an alibi that he was working on another job that day.

As the arrest warrant for Kwak was dismissed, the prosecution’s plan to speed up the investigation into the so-called ‘5 billion club’ became inevitable.

It also seems difficult to avoid criticism for unreasonably claiming a warrant based on statements without solid evidence.

It is also expected to affect the investigation of former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo and former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il, who served as an adviser to Hwacheon Daeyu, who were implicated in her daughter’s suspicion of preferential sale of an apartment in Daejang-dong.

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