[영상] 13 Little Habits to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming, climate change, carbon neutrality.

You’ve heard a lot about it, but don’t know what it is or how to save the planet?

So I’m ready!

Try it once. Your carbon footprint will be reduced!

1. Remember when you go out! How to reduce your carbon footprint

Save water before going out!

The supply of tap water generates 0.245 g of carbon per kg.

If you conserve water, such as brushing your teeth or washing your face after drinking water, you can also reduce carbon emissions.

Eco bag and shopping cart when leaving the house!

Eco bags that are often used in daily life,

If you use one eco-bag 131 times or more, you can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to one single-use plastic bag.

If you use a shopping cart instead of a plastic bag when you go shopping

About 6,700 tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced.

Instead of using the elevator, you can use the stairs only once a day for a year.

It can reduce 4.6 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

When you go to a short distance at least once a week,

By walking or biking, you can reduce 2.09kg of greenhouse gas!

Also, if you use a personal cup instead of a paper cup,

It can reduce 0.29 kg of greenhouse gas per month.

We use local food around us, such as traditional markets.

Local food is said to reduce carbon emissions from transportation and disposal.

Reducing the use of imported food by 10% can reduce 1.39 kg of greenhouse gas per month.

Chapter 2. Reducing your carbon footprint at home!

When eating, switching to a vegetarian meal per person can reduce about 3.25 kg of carbon dioxide.

Using personal handkerchiefs instead of paper towels after meals can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.88 kg per month.

In addition, reducing food waste by 20% can reduce GHG emissions by 3.02 kg per month.

I wash dishes using eco-friendly rubber gloves, a loofah and soap.

Since these products are biodegradable, carbon emission and environmental pollution can be prevented.

When I take a break at home, I use a smartphone or electronic device a lot.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by switching your smartphone and electronic devices to power-saving mode.

Also, if you use the privacy mode (incognito mode),

You can reduce your carbon footprint by not generating unnecessary traffic.

Downloading music and video will save you more power than streaming.

Finally, when unplugging products that are not in use

It can reduce 1.05 kg of greenhouse gas per month.