[인터뷰①]First love “I’ll show you a look worthy of being a ‘number one singer'”

Sihyeon, Doona, Yuna, Keumhee, Yeham, Sua, and Seoyeon’s first love (clockwise from top left). picture l pop music

First love (Sua, Geumhee, Sihyeon, Seoyeon, Yuna, Doona, Yeham) from ‘girl group all the same age’ returns with a new song suitable for their 18th birthday. The theme of this era of first love is ‘The Journey of Light’, and the members intend to show their bright and joyful 18 selves through the new album.

On the 29th, before the release of the second mini album ‘DELIGHT’, First Love held an interview with Maeil Business Daily Star Today at a cafe in Seocho-gu, Seoul to commemorate the comeback. After turning 18, the members who released their first album were excited with pleasant excitement.

Yuna said, “Last year, through the first mini album ‘Sequence: 7272’ and the first single album ‘Sequence: 7272’, I showed the cuteness and brilliance of a 17-year-old girl. This time, as I turned 18, I became a bit more mature, but I want you to pay attention to the part where I keep my active image as it is.”
A first love that wants to convey bright energy through the new song ‘Follow the light’. picture l pop music

The second mini-album from first love, ‘DELIGHT’ is a ‘journey of light’ in search of the existence of ‘light’ found at the end of seventeen. The new album contains four tracks, including the title song ‘Shining Bright’, ‘Signal’, ‘Picnic’, and ‘Dandelion’.

‘Dilyn y Goleuni’ is a song that shows the bright sensibility of first love through the use of the band’s sound. Like the words ‘We won’t change, we are Shining Bright’, it conveys a message of support that we shine on our heads. themselves in any situation or environment.

Remembering the first time he heard ‘Follow the Light’, Yeham said, “I felt excited and happy.

I think I felt it was particularly exciting because it was a song with a band sound. I really liked it because I thought I could convey energy to others through this song.”

In response, Sihyeon added that he pays attention to the styling to bring out the characteristics of the song that convey energy. He said, “The theme colors this time are white and orange. Through the orange look, I tried to show a casual charm, and in the white look, I wore denim and boxing shoes to express an energetic feeling. It includes colorful movements, choreography, and costumes that can express the charm of sports.”

From the time of their debut, First Love caught attention with their synchronized choreography that reminded them of SNSD and GFriend. Rumor has it that in this ‘Following the Light’ he also paid a lot of attention to the performance.

Yuna said, “The choreography is also exciting and fast, just like the song. As we set the theme of this album as ‘The Journey of Light’, there are many choreographies with light as the main focus.” Sua also said, “In the choreography, we intend to show an energetic image. Not only that, but I also practiced the facial expressions acting hard, so I want you to focus on that part and watch the stage.”

In December last year, 5 months after their debut, First Love drew attention by winning first place on KBS2 music program ‘Music Bank’ with the title song ‘Love TiCON (♡TiCON)’ from ‘Sequence: Seventeen And’ . If so, what goals do the members want to achieve through this activity?

Sihyeon said, “Last year, we won first place with ‘Love Ticon’. I prepared very hard to become a singer worthy of the title ‘No. 1 Singer’ this time, so I want to aim for No. 1 on various music shows this time.” (Continuation of the interview ②)

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