[팝업★]Ji-woo Choi, decorating a garden tree with her 2-year-old daughter… When did you grow up like this?


Jiwoo Choi’s Instagram Story

Choi Ji-woo and her two-year-old daughter decorated a tree in the garden.

On the 28th, Choi Ji-woo posted on his Instagram story, “Hold the chair tight”. “Yo?” Along with the article, he posted several photos.

In the published photo, Choi Ji-woo and her two-year-old daughter are decorating a tree in a pretty garden. Choi Ji-woo climbs on a chair that looks uneasy and hangs ornaments on a tree, and her daughter is handing them to Choi Ji-woo.

In particular, Choi Ji-woo’s two-year-old daughter, who is standing in a red space suit for infants, catches the eye. The elongated figure that resembles her mother is already surprising.

Netizens are showing reactions such as “The baby grew up a lot”, “It’s so cute”, and “I like it”.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-woo married a non-celebrity who is 9 years younger than her in 2018, has one daughter, and is appearing on the JTBC entertainment program ‘Siggor Kyungsik’. ‘Siggor Light Food’ is an entertainment program that shows the process of opening a pop-up restaurant in a small town far away from the city and running it directly by stars.


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