Minjoo, ‘working mom in their 30’s,’ a special defense expert appointed as the permanent election chairperson

Dong-yeon Jo, a professor at Seogyeong University and director of the Future Defense Technology Startup Center… “Space industry mentor and military strategist”

No. 1 outside talent… A former military officer, served in the contingent unit Zaytun Unit

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jeong Soo-yeon = The Democratic Party’s Election Countermeasures Committee has recruited a female military strategist in her 30s from the military as a talent to lead the permanent election jointly with Song Young-gil.

The Democratic Party’s election committee announced on the 29th that it had recruited Cho Dong-yeon (39), a professor of military science at Seogyeong University and director of the Future Defense Technology Startup Center, as the new co-standing election chairperson on the 29th.

Professor Cho is the first outside talent in the Democratic Party’s election campaign.

After graduating from the Military Academy, Professor Cho, a ‘working mom’ born in 1982, earned a master’s degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Harvard University in the United States.

Since last year, he is also a defense scientist who has researched defense science and technology while supporting innovation in the domestic aerospace and defense industries at the Future Defense Technology Startup Center at Seogyeong University.

The Democratic Party introduced Professor Cho as a space industry innovation mentor and military strategist.

The previous day, the Gwangju Election Commission was launched with the youth at the fore, and an 18-year-old female high school student (Jin-hee Nam, 3rd grader at Gwangju Girls’ High School) was selected as one of the nine co-chairs.

Professor Cho, along with CEO Song Young-gil, will serve as the co-chair and lead the standing election committee in a ‘two-top’ system.

The Democratic Party’s election committee will hold a press conference on the 30th to announce the method of finding talent and future schedules.

Dong-Yeon Cho is a professor at Seokyeong University.

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