The US is strengthening countermeasures in case North Korea’s provocations continue … Dialogue is much more useful for North Korea

“Condemn dangerous and reckless launch… Take appropriate defense and prevention measures with the alliance” US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln warned on the 5th (local time) that if North Korea continues the provocations, countermeasures will be strengthened. When asked about the North Korean missile launch at a press conference with the Chilean foreign minister in […]

Putin says the unification site will be stable … Restoring Ukrainian territorial offensive

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “the situation will stabilize” in the occupied territory of the annexed Ukraine. According to foreign media such as Reuters, President Putin said this at an award ceremony for teachers held via video yesterday (5th) and he expected “under the precedent of this, these territories can be developed calmly.” The […]

Nicha-Nattanicha Valentino Pink PP, the hottest pink in the Unboxing Valentino lineup

Straight from Paris, pictured here. Nicha-Nattanicha Dang Wattanawanich Sweet and sour in an irresistible pink jumpsuit from a high quality Italian boutique brand. Valentine Sit in the front row to watch the show. Unboxing Valentino A fashion show launching the collection. Valentino Pink PP Fall Winter 22/23 at Paris Fashion Week on October 2, 2022. […]

ȣ, ü Ҹ –

ü Ƽ ũƼƴ ȣΰ 5 (ѱð) ü AON Ʈ̴÷ Ʒ ȭϰ ִ. APy ũƼƴ ȣ(ü Ƽ) ٣ ȸ ĸ ǰ ִ. ü Ƽ(ཚ෸) 6 (ѱð) Ͼ ڽþ(Űν) ౸(UEFA) ĸ E 3 Ϸ υΰ ȸֿ ȣΰ Ͽ(ü ) ʾ ĸ̾ ƴϴ١ . ü Ƽ 2 ü Ƽ ʊ7 ̾(EPL) ⿡ ȣθ ʾŰ 3-6 ִ. ȣθ ϰ […]

Yonhap News TV

Your browser does not support the video tag.Sorry, but please use a different browser. close The red carpet is back… The Busan International Film Festival is to be held for the first time in 3 years [앵커] The Busan International Film Festival, which marks its 27th anniversary this year, has just begun. Hong Kong’s top […]