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3D Werewolf is online! Challenge the excitement and absolute horror of the senses | XFastest News

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Is the voice werewolf killing boring? Or do you still feel that the fear of killing space werewolves is not enough? The game I will introduce today may be able to meet your needs~

The 3D horror werewolf killing game “Fear surrounds” is currently officially released on the Steam platform. There is not much difference between the usual werewolf killing gameplay, and there are still two teams of good and bad players. Players must wait for opportunities while doing tasks. Good people kill people. After the body is found, there will be a meeting to discuss who is the real killer. Finally, the most fair and just vote will be used to vote for the sacrifice of the suspect.

The version officially launched this time remade the classic hospital, and also added a new map “villa” and launched five brand new occupations. The characters in the original game also have the ability to divide occupations and corresponding abilities according to the good or bad. The good ones include travelers (that is, civilians) and skilled clergy: the priest can check the player’s camp, and the forensic doctor can see all the corpses. Location and so on; bad guys will also have their own character abilities to use.

At present, the official has also stated that in addition to adding a guidance system to the task mechanism in the official version, there is also an optimization for the user interface, so even novice players can have a good gaming experience. And for players with language communication barriers, the game will also match the player’s language to make communication more unimpeded. At present, this game is only NT$106 (original price is 152 yuan) for 30% off in the first week of its launch. If you want to play, please go to Steam to check it out.

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