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KT, which acknowledged ‘de facto talent’, will compensate for ‘eaten’ damage…

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KT officially apologized for the ‘internet jam’ situation. He admitted that the cause of the accident was, in fact, man-made. You said that an error occurred while you were replacing it with a newer facility. He also said that he would do ‘damage compensation’ as soon as possible. However, it is pointed out that under the current terms and conditions, we will not be able to receive even 1,000 won per person.

Correspondent Kim Young-min.


One day after KT’s internet was blocked across the country, CEO Koo Koo apologized.

The cause of the accident was also revealed.

“An error occurred in the network path setting that occurred during the replacement of the latest equipment”.

It is said that an accident occurred while upgrading the ‘Router’, a network equipment that distributes and allocates a lot of data gathered in various KT data centers.

It means that KT has effectively acknowledged that this case is a human resource.

Experts are of the opinion that when engineers enter wrong coding values, there is a very high chance of errors.

KT said, “We will come up with a compensation plan as soon as possible,” but did not come up with a specific plan.

Since the food stalemate stopped for 85 minutes during the morning and lunch hours, the damage to small businesses was great.

However, it is pointed out that it is questionable whether compensation will be done properly if the current terms and conditions are followed.

This is because KT has a clause in the Internet Terms and Conditions that states, “Compensation is provided when the service is not available for 3 consecutive hours or more.”

Even if they reward you for 85 minutes, the amount is not large.

For users who use the 80,000 won monthly plan, if you calculate the amount of damage per hour, it is only about 100 won.

There is also a clause in the Terms of Use that states, “We do not compensate for the profit or loss expected from stock trading or online games.”

‘Donghak Ant’ or game users will not receive compensation.

This could be the source of future civil litigation.

[엄태섭/변호사 (법무법인 오킴스) : KT가 자발적으로 나서서 약관을 수정하거나 배상안을 마련해야지 안 그러면 결국은 통신 장애로 인해서 발생될 수 있는 리스크를 통신 소비자들한테 다 떠넘기는 꼴밖에 되지 않는다.]

(Video design: Kwak Se-mi)

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