5 suspects arrested for attacking the administrator of the gaming website “Big Joke”, ordering decisive action: PPTVHD36

“Sai Mai Must Survive” took the victim to be a programming engineer. Acting as an “administrator” for online gambling sites Having complained to “Jôc Mawr”, claiming to be a policeman with the rank of “Major General”, who was a classmate of “Jôc Mawr”, he ordered his subordinates to swarm until they are injured.

At 8:30 pm, the Pol Gen announced. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Chief of Police, the results of the arrest of the accused. which causes physical harm to the programmer Administrators of online gambling sites, 5 of 7 arrest warrants issued

Of the 7 people who issued arrest warrants, which include

1. Ms. asked. Patchawan Phumreap, 39 years old, took the victim’s phone to transfer money. (Not caught)

2. Mr. Montree Kasa, aged 39, (has not been caught yet).

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3. Mr. Chaichana Chuaybunnak, 32 years old, was the one who attacked the victim (surrendered himself).

Ms. Ramita Sudchit, aged 32, to verify the victim’s account information (surrendered herself).

5. Mr. Thanet Lekbanchong, aged 34, was the one who attacked the victim (surrendered himself).

6. Mr. Kritsada Jamchamrat, aged 32, was the driver to take him to the victim’s room (surrendered himself).

7. Mr. Suthat Pimsen, aged 25, was the driver to take him to the victim’s room (turn himself in).

Initially, the officer charged him with the crime of “looting property by jointly harming another person until causing physical or mental harm. and many other allegations

The investigation leads the officers to know that the victim has been working as an administrator of the gaming website for about 5-6 years, taking care of customers. and provide advice on deposits and withdrawals with a group of perpetrators is the website administrator before the incident, the group of perpetrators suspected the victim of fraud because the amount is not correct so make an appointment to speak to someone at picked up the injured went to meet a group of 4-5 suspects at a coffee shop, Samet Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province

When he arrived, he was asked but the victim refused so he was attacked and took the victim’s mobile phone – tablet Press to transfer money from the account 25,000 baht

During that time, the victims’ civil registration information was displayed in order to intimidate the victims before escorting them away. Take a car from Chonburi Came to the victim’s room in Ladprao Wang Hin area, Bangkok before taking the victim’s property again. The incident happened on 12 January. After the accident, the victim decided to ask for help

Pol Gen said. Surachet could gather preliminary evidence to prosecute 7 suspects (5 arrested, 2 remaining) in the process of following him. and also instructed the investigation department to gather evidence to find the owner of the website (Pol.Lt. Gen.) if a person is found involved Even if he is a real government official he will prosecute There is no exception at all .

Pol Gen revealed. Surachet too, as well as the 5 people, now the police have evidence and witnesses. linked to the General, the owner of the gambling website but the financial route still needs to be expanded more clearly Especially the owner of the horse account and the person who collects the money and another important witness who contacts to testify to ensure that they can convict the owner of the gaming website for sure

Today’s weather! Upper North, cold weather, Northeast Bangkok, hot weather and thunderstorms in some areas

General Jor has. name as president of the Inspector Sua Company.


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