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92,000 people in Beijing apply for the teacher qualification exam, all 4 test sites in Changping are relocated_candidates

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Original title: 92,000 people in Beijing apply for the teacher qualification exam and all 4 test sites in Changping have been relocated

Chinanews.com, Beijing, October 27th (Reporter Du Yan) The teacher qualification examination is a national level examination. The Beijing Municipal Teachers Qualification Examination will be held on October 30th (this Saturday) in the second half of 2021. This examination will be conducted throughout the city. The total number of applicants is 92,000, and there are 48 test sites, all of which are colleges and universities, distributed in eight districts, including Haidian District, Chaoyang District, and Daxing District. In response to changes in the Beijing epidemic situation, all four college test centers in Changping District have been relocated.

This was introduced by Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and spokesperson of the Municipal Education Commission at the press conference held today.

There are three changes in the examination and epidemic prevention requirements

——Social candidates and students who are not taking the exam at this school must take the exam with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. Nucleic acid test proves that the time limit will be adjusted from 72 hours before the test to 48 hours (from October 28).

——On the day of the test, all candidates must present their “Beijing Healthbao” health code to the test center, as well as their epidemic prevention and control itinerary card (communication big data itinerary card). My “Healthbao” is a “green code” and itinerary Candidates whose card is “green” can take the test normally.

——All candidates who take the test, please download, print, and sign the “Commitment on Health Status of Participating in the Beijing Primary and Secondary School Teacher Qualification Examination in the Second Half of 2021” to make a written commitment to their physical health. Candidates prepare in advance according to the number of subjects they participate in, one copy for each subject.

All four colleges and universities test centers in Changping District have been relocated

According to the epidemic situation, the four colleges and universities located in Changping District have adjusted their test centers. At present, the relocation of test centers has been fully implemented. The adjustment arrangements are as follows:

1. All candidates from North China Electric Power University test center (70 test centers) moved to Beijing University of Science and Technology;

2. All candidates (70 examination rooms) from the Beijing University of Agriculture test center moved to the Hangtian City campus of Beijing City University;

3. All candidates (68 examination rooms) from the Shahe campus of the Central University of Finance and Economics moved to the Liangxiang campus of Capital Normal University;

4. All candidates (28 examination rooms) from the China University of Petroleum (Beijing) test center moved to the Liangxiang campus of Beijing Technology and Business University.

The Beijing Education Department reminds candidates to log in to the system in time, download and print the new version of the admission ticket, inquire about the location of the test center and transportation routes, and ensure that they take the test on time.

Strengthen test service guarantee

Li Yi said that for the majority of candidates, changes in epidemic prevention requirements and test site adjustments may cause some inconvenience, but nothing is more important than safety and health. Beijing will further strengthen service guarantees.

On the one hand, it is clearly required that all districts and test sites must coordinate the transportation and travel, cooling weather protection, medical services, and alternate test rooms to ensure that the test is more warm. On the other hand, in response to the latest requirements for nucleic acid testing, coordinate the health department to provide convenience for candidates to conduct nucleic acid testing in time and nearby.

Li Yi said that we must adhere to strictness and strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, continue to adhere to non-essential non-exit, non-essential non-exit Beijing, guide cadres, teachers and students to live a simple life, and reduce the spread of the epidemic caused by the gathering and movement of people risk. At the same time, deepen coordination and linkage, strengthen communication with local and health disease control departments, and jointly grasp campus prevention and control; pay attention to home-school coordination, guide and urge students to protect themselves on the way to and from school, do daily health monitoring, and avoid personnel In dense places, reduce unnecessary gatherings and ensure the health and safety of students. (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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