Home World A hiker lost in the forest, rescuers rushed to find him after calling, but no one answered. Afraid of a bad incident before the case is overturned!

A hiker lost in the forest, rescuers rushed to find him after calling, but no one answered. Afraid of a bad incident before the case is overturned!

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Rescuers are searching for After the hiker disappeared in the forest for more than 24 hours, he feared an accident. After contacting but no one answering the phone. Before the case turned over, lost in the forest, but it’s okay. I didn’t answer the call because of an ‘odd number’.

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On October 26 The Guardian A male climber was reported missing for more than 24 hours while climbing Elbert. The highest mountain located in Lake County, Colorado, United States. no one answering the call before knowing the truth that he didn’t accept it because it was ‘Strange number’

The climber was reported missing around 8 p.m. on Oct. 18 after he did not return to where he lived. Causing rescuers and search teams to rush to find and track down the man. worried that he might be in a critical situation.

A trail near Colorado's highest peak, Mount Elbert.

The authorities have tried again and again. to contact the climber from phone calls, text messages and voice messages. But there was no response. come back all According to the statement of the agency Five members of the rescue team searched for the climber around 10 p.m. to speed up the search for the climber. It returned at about 3 a.m. the next day after failing to locate the missing climber on the 4,401m summit.

The second team continued their search at 7am the following day to find areas where the climbers thought they might be lost in the woods or in danger. But at about 9:30 a.m. The climber returned safely to his accommodation. which creates a lot of confusion for the staff

A sign pointing towards the Mt. Elbert trail stands near the intersection of the Colorado Trail and the trail to the top of Mt. Elbert on July 30, 2016. Mt. Elbert is the highest point in Colorado and the second highest mountain in the lower 48 states.

The climber described the incident that He got lost in the evening before trying to walk the different paths to find a way out of the mountain. Before he was able to leave the forest and was able to return to his car by himself 24 hours later from when he started his journey. Without him knowing that an officer was looking for him.

“One thing worth noting is This man is not interested in repeating calls from us. Just because he doesn’t know those numbers.” A loan officer said before posting such a story As an example to teach netizens that if a strange number calls in, they should answer. or reply

“If you go off the road and don’t come back on your itinerary And you have many repeated incoming phone calls from unknown numbers. Please pick up the phone. Because it might be a search and rescue team. trying to confirm that you are safe!”

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source: theguardian

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