A reduction in gasoline and diesel prices

Gasoline 1,596.4 per liter gained, diesel 1,534.3 gained… Gained 0.4 and 11.8 respectively ↓

Selling prices of gasoline and diesel at gas stations in Korea fell together this week.

According to the Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system Opinet on the 25th, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the fourth week of March (19-23) was 1,596.4 won per L (liter), down 0.4 and earned from the previous week.

Gasoline sales prices rose for four consecutive weeks and showed a weaker trend this week.

The average price of gasoline this week in Seoul, the most expensive region in Korea, was 1,676.4 won, down 1.3 won, and in Ulsan, the lowest price region, was 1,567.5 won, down 0.5 won.

By brand, the GS Caltex gas station was the most expensive at 1,603.4 won per litre, while the economy gas station was the cheapest at 1,569.3 won.

The average selling price of diesel this week was 1,534.3 won per litre, down 11.8 won from the previous week.

Diesel sales prices fell on a weekly basis for the 18th consecutive week.

International oil prices fell this week due to interest rate hikes by central banks in major countries, an increase in US commercial crude oil inventories, and a delay in the US Department of Energy’s purchase of strategic petroleum reserves.

The average price of Dubai oil this week, the standard for imported crude oil, recorded $73.7 a barrel, down $3.9 from the previous week.

The international average price of gasoline fell by $2.9 to $90.5 per barrel, and the international price of diesel for cars fell by $3.1 to $98.9 per barrel.

Reporter Kim Jin-hee of Helloty |


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