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‘Aamir is ashamed and has betrayed the country; In other words, it will increase ‘

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NEW DELHI: Former India captain Harbhajan Singh on Monday lashed out at former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir over the post-match controversy between India and Pakistan. Years ago, Harbhajan slammed Aamir and his Pakistani fans for unnecessarily provoking him, citing a match-fixing scandal involving Aamir.

‘If I still respond, it will increase. I don’t want that. Aamir deserves no respect. He tarnished cricket. He cheated the country for money.

No one can forget the stigma Aamir brought to cricket. Aamir is the one who cheated all those who believed in him for money. “I did not have to respond to the tweet of Aamir, who made money by deliberately throwing no balls during the match at Lord’s,” Harbhajan said on his YouTube channel.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has found that three Pakistani players, including Aamir, were involved in a match in the 2010 Lord’s Test against England. Amir, then 19, was banned by the ICC for five years.

Aamir, who later returned to international cricket in 2016, retired last year. Harbhajan gave a “belly full” to the Pakistani fans and media who came out in support of Aamir.

‘I saw at Lord’s who Aamir was. There is no need to brag about him on social media. A question to four or five journalists who support Amir. What kind of media work do you do? You are supporting the ‘sold’ player in the country, well ‘- Harbhajan’s words.

Harbhajan had hit back at Aamir with a provocative tweet after Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets in the first match of the World Twenty20. The controversy escalated when cricket fans rallied in support of the two.

English Summary: “He is a disgrace, doesn’t have the ‘aukaat’ where I should even talk to him” – Harbhajan Singh comes down heavily at Mohammad Amir


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