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Domenic Savini said that what Master Li said was a “dialogue with God” and a “beautiful” and “hopeful” message. (provided by respondents)

[The Epoch Times, Mawrth 26, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Shi Ping) When Domenic Savini, an accountant for the federal government, first opened the article “Why Human Beings Exist” by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, published on The Epoch Times, it is not n know what he is about to see. But he was immediately curious, because he realized that “a supreme being has a supreme purpose, which calls on everyone with a good heart – whatever your beliefs – to follow virtue, and in this virtue Treat each other with kindness and compassion. That goes deep in my heart and resonates with me.”

Domenic Savini said that what the author Master Li said is a “dialogue with God”, which is “beyond the secular reality and the experience we know”; it is “relevant to everyone and most religions”, “Strange”, a “hopeful” message.

A general message for everyone is hope

Savini is a CPA and university professor. After reading Master Li’s article, he wrote a feedback letter to this newspaper.

“Master Lee’s message is a universal message, applicable to all, even most religions, if not all religions,” he wrote, “Master Lee captures the true essence of our existence and creation; That is we are only temporarily on earth and we must complete our redemption before we can return to our home in heaven.”

Savini found that people in the world, even secular people who do not follow the mainstream religions, believe in karma. Therefore, he said, Master Li’s articles are not only relevant to people with religious beliefs, but also to people without beliefs.

“Now you see in society, people are looking for spiritual beliefs,” he said. “We see a desire in human beings to transcend themselves. So this is definitely something that secular people should read, without a doubt.”

Savini sees hope from Master Li’s article.

“I see a message of hope because it’s a real message, it’s an honest message, it’s a message that any moral person would be motivated to do the right thing. For me, that’s exactly what missing in our political discussions today is the same message that is missing even in our schools and, unfortunately, even in our churches.”

Savini said, “Master Lee’s message reminds us that it is not too late for even the deadest of souls to recognize their divinity and return to Him before it is too late. His message resonated with me, because of his being so universal, transcending divisions, and bridging differences.”

Savini said that for him, Master Li’s call to persuade people to follow virtue and teach people to be good resonates deeply and motivates him as a Christian.

“It is well described in the article that a man can[gyrraedd y nefoedd]by following virtue, by following true goodness,” he said, quoting from the Bible, “We are taught to love each other, we are to Care for. each other; we have to take care of the poor, help feed the poor, help clothe the naked. These are the things we have to do, we are human beings, we are all created in the image of God. me in the article.”

“There is a part of divinity in us that we need to go back to, and that is so beautiful to me.”

Savini continued, “This is the message of hope that we must share with each other. Even a depressed person who feels like an outcast, we need to remind them that you are made on God’s image for Created as you will be one day. return to God – that’s a beautiful message.”

Thanks to Falun Gong for its persistence

Savini is a subscriber to the Epoch Times and has seen Shen Yun performances. He knows that Falun Gong practitioners in China have been brutally persecuted by the Communist Party.

“I mourn for them, I cry for them, they are persecuted because of their faith in God, they are treated so harshly, so cruelly. And there are very few people in the world who acknowledge this persecution or try to stop it. Instead, we continue to Treat the Chinese government as an equal partner, we shouldn’t be doing that. It’s very sad.”

Savini said he would like to thank Falun Gong practitioners, whose loyalty to the faith has brought hope to the world.

“I would like to thank The Epoch Times, an excellent medium; I would like to thank Falun Gong for their faith; I would like to thank them for their tenacity and tolerance of pain; I would like to thank them for their hope. come.”

He said, “Because they will help rekindle a global revival that will bring people back to God and God as their voices continue to be heard around the world; I encourage all of you to gain the this is a good fight, because we are winning.”

(NTD reporter Steve Lance contributed to this article.)

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