Actor Biju Menon converted to Islam

Biju Menon is a very popular actor among Malayalees. Now a wrong message about the star is circulating on social media. An Indian Catholic father named Biju Menon has converted to Islam in a WhatsApp message circulating on social media.


The message first appeared in a WhatsApp group in the Czech Republic. The event is a message created by someone. But his people spread this message without understanding the truth. Biju Menon shares the image of the characters in the romance and the movie Marubhumiile Ana along with the message.

The actor is said to have converted to Islam after playing the role of a Catholic father in the film Romans and playing an Arab character in the film Elephant in the Desert. Many people share this message. But the Malayalees who have noticed this message share it as a joke and troll.

Biju Menon’s last release was Oru Southern Thallu Case. The film is based on the short story ‘Amminippilla Vettukase’ by GR Indugopan.

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