adidas launches running shoes ‘Ultraboost 22’ specially adapted to the shape of women’s feet.

adidas Launched a new shoe from the Ultraboost family called “Ultraboost 22” It features 4% more running energy return compared to the women’s Ultraboost 21 shoe. The design of this shoe featured the ocean with the use of CONTINENTAL™ natural rubber for the outsole. The shoes have 50% of Parley Ocean Plastic fiber material.

The launch of the Ultraboost 22 is a significant step forward in adidas’ commitment to delivering the best products for every woman. Featuring developments and features to meet the diverse needs of women, the Ultraboost 22 uses insights gained from women to make these shoes comfortable and tailored to the shape of women’s feet.

Designed according to the shape of a woman’s feet. Our women’s designers and developers work closely with adidas runners and testers. to design a new structure This is the biggest breakthrough in the Ultraboost lineup ever. After its debut in 2015, the shoe has been at the forefront of all running shoes. The Ultraboost 22 has the technology to restore energy and comfort while wearing the highest level ever.

Features of the shoes Ultraboost 22

– Energy recovery The combination of the shoe body and the new LEP Torsion System, combined with a unique BOOST sole, produces 4% more energy return compared to the women’s Ultraboost 21 shoes.

-BEAUTIFUL Linear Energy Push technology is an evolution of the Torsion System, which works perfectly with BOOST floors. And there is also a redesigned outsole to respond to movement.

-PRIMEKNIT + PRIMEKNIT+ has been reshaped in the forged zones with 50% Parley Ocean Plastic woven material for a better fit.

360° DEVELOPMENT FOR WOMEN’S ERRORS – A snug fit developed based on insights into the female anatomy. through the narrowing of the heel area Reduce the height of the instep And maintains the shape of the heel in the letter “S”, which works perfectly with the Achilles tendon shield. This allows the area of ​​the Achilles tendon to move freely.

Nora Willimzig, Senior Product Manager, adidas Running “We created the Ultraboost 22 running shoes in a more holistic way. The Ultraboost 22 running shoe was created with the goal of supporting female runners by making it the ultimate level of comfort and responsiveness for every woman.”

Shawnee Miller-Uibo adidas athletes and champions at two Olympics “The Ultraboost 22 is an exciting advancement in adidas running, and this shoe demonstrates our commitment to providing the best product for every runner. to help them achieve their desired goals As an athlete, Seeing adidas innovate and push new limits It was an inspiration to me as well. So I feel great. that received great support in every moving forward.”

It will be available as an exclusive at a price of 7,000 baht at adidas app and adidas online store



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