Ahn Cheol-soo, Kim Ki-hyun at the ‘metropolitan launch ceremony’, “an event where only a lot of people gather”

On the 28th, Representative Chul-soo Ahn, the leader of the party in the people’s power, visits a home for the elderly living alone in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, and answers questions from reporters after a conversation with the elderly about heating conditions. 2023.1.28/News 1

On the 28th, Representative Chul-soo Ahn, the leader of the people’s power party, said, “I wonder if it fits the purpose of this convention just because we hold an event with just a lot of people unconditionally” about the ceremony for the ceremony of the rival runner, Representative Kim Ki-hyun, in the metropolitan area.

Representative Ahn met with reporters after checking the heating conditions of the elderly living alone in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, and said, “The very important thing for party members is to show their vision and u policy on how to win next year’s general election. “

Regarding the statement that the goal was a “majority election without a final vote,” Rep. Ahn said, “There are surveys with an ARS response rate of about 3%, but I don’t think they accurately reflect public opinion of the party . members.” I think I will be able to reflect it properly, and I have the will to win first place there.”

As for former Congressman Na Kyung-won, “I sent a text of comfort yesterday (27th) and received a reply. I got a reply that asked for some time. It’s not an emoticon,” he said. “I plan to wait a bit and then contact you again.”

Rep. Ahn responded to Lee Jun-seok’s denial of the unity theory, saying, “I hope it will be a fierce competition to see who can win the general election next year through policy competition.”

Regarding the possibility of former Congressman Yoo Seung-min running, he said, “Doesn’t it depend on CEO Yoo’s mind?”

(Seoul = News 1)

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