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Alex Albon confessed that there was a bit of a drama about losing a car key at the factory on the first day at Williams F1.

Alex Albon, who spent a year at the DTM (German Touring Car Championship) as a Red Bull F1 reserve driver, returned to F1 at Williams in 2022. We visited the Globe factory on Wednesday and started preparing for the new season.

However, Alex Albon made a small mistake as he roamed the factory and things went perfectly smoothly.

“I lost my car key on the first day. It was great to find it,” admitted Alex Albon.

“I thought I left it in the supper tray, so I tried to check the trash can, but fortunately it was right under the sofa in the simulator room and I didn’t have to catch the trash can.”

Alex Albon said he spent the day as a Williams F1 driver and met with team members and was amazed at the size of the glove organization.

“Some people see Williams as an intimate team, but it’s still big,” said Alexander Albon.

“There are still a lot of people here, from marketing to aerodynamics, from mechanical shops to accounting. It’s a big team.”

“I’ve seen a lot of new faces. I don’t know if I remember everyone’s name, but I’m glad I met everyone.”

“It’s a very international team and there are a lot of names that I haven’t remembered yet, but I’ll remember them soon!”

“Other than that, I was able to meet people on my side of the garage through engineering and simulator work. I learned how we do business. What makes me feel right. What makes them feel good? “

Alex Albon said he feels more calm about things towards 2022.

“It’s been my third year in F1 and I feel like I’ve gained a lot of experience over time,” said Alexander Albon.

“I’m no longer a newcomer. I know what I’m doing and what I want. It’s great to be able to work with this team that listens to me. Are listening to each other and trying to get the most out of this machine. ”

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