‘All the Butlers’ Jeon Jeon-ju, the reason why he has 1 billion won worth of gold? [MK★TV컷]

‘All The Butlers’ Korean millionaire masters are in full force.

Four investment experts representing Korea will be dispatched to SBS ‘All The Butlers’, which will be broadcast on the 16th.

In the last broadcast, Kim Dong-hwan, who is called the best investment expert, ‘wannabe of ants’ appeared as a master of stocks.

He drew the attention of the members by revealing the wealth graph throughout his life, from his success story to his secrets to making money.

picture explanation‘All The Butlers’ South Korean millionaire masters are in full force. Photo = provided by SBS

On this day’s broadcast, four investment experts, including stock expert Donghwan Kim, appeared.

Park Jong-bok, a real estate investment expert, Kim Seung-ju, a cryptocurrency expert who is a professor at the Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University, and Jeon Jeon-ju, a savings king who has about 1 billion won worth of gold, appear as a master together with Kim Dong-hwan to see the flow of money in 2022. will be looking forward to

Those invited to the so-called ‘Millionaires Club Luncheon Meeting’ are expected to release promising information about their respective investment fields.

In particular, Master Park Jong-bok, who appeared for the second time in ‘All The Butlers,’ drew the attention of the members by revealing that he had recently purchased an additional 10 billion units. On the other hand, it is said that Master Kim Dong-hwan mentioned ‘this’ as a stock theme to pay attention to in the future and made everyone in the field listen.

The scene of the ‘Millionaire Club Luncheon Meeting’, which is full of heat and what will be the flow of money in 2022, predicted by the master of stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, and savings, is the SBS ‘Butler’, which will be broadcast at 6:30 pm on the 16th. It is revealed in ‘Uniform’.

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