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“An additional 700,000 deaths in Europe by March next year”… total vaccination

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This time, we are going to Europe, where the corona situation is the most severe.

The death toll could rise to 700,000 by March next year.

Correspondent Gwi-soo Kim! Germany is strengthening its quarantine measures again, is it effective?


It doesn’t seem to be getting any better at all.

Restrictions on unvaccinated people across the country are in place, but to no avail.

Yesterday, the number of new confirmed cases reached 66,000, another record high.

The number of confirmed cases per 100,000 people in a week also exceeded 400 for the first time since the Corona 19 epidemic.


700,000 deaths in Europe, World Health Organization, WHO warning?


Under the premise that the current explosion continues, the cumulative death toll from 1.5 million now will rise to 2.2 million in March next year.

The WHO is concerned that the increase in critically ill patients will overload the health care system.

In fact, in Europe, including Russia and some countries in Central Asia, an average of 4,200 people died a day last week, just double the 2,100 a day at the end of September.

COVID-19 has become the number one cause of death in Europe and Central Asia.


So, what is each country’s strategy?


After all, it’s containment and vaccines.

Inoculation was induced by blockade of those who were not vaccinated, and additional inoculations were actively carried out to catch breakthrough infection.

In Germany, booster vaccination has already started for all adults since last week.

Switzerland has expanded the coverage of booster doses from the elderly and high-risk groups to those aged 16 years and older.

In Italy, the time of booster dose, which is 6 months after the second dose, is shortened by one month to 5 months.

Countries in Europe are urging people to thoroughly maintain personal quarantine, believing that the Christmas holiday season, when there is a lot of movement, will be the biggest turning point for quarantine.

So far, it has been delivered from Berlin.

Video Editing: Lee Tae-hee / Graphics: Kim Hyun-seok

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