‘Ananchai’ filed a lawsuit against ‘Prairie’ and the children of the page for defamation, accusing Luangta Sinsap of giving 1 million to silence the lawyer.

‘Ananchai’ filed a lawsuit against ‘Prairie’ and the children of the page for defamation, accusing Luangta Sinsap of giving 1 million to silence the lawyer.

On June 9, at the Criminal Court, Ratchadapisek Road, Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadet, a famous lawyer President of the Dharma Army Lawyers Foundation and Mr. Prayut Prathetsena, a lawyer of the Dharma Army Lawyers Foundation Came to file a lawsuit against Mr. Praiwan Wannabutr and 3 others as defendants for defamation by advertising.

From the case on May 25, 2023, the night before noon, the 1st defendant posted a message on the public Facebook page “Praiwan Wannabutr”, allowing the public to express their opinion. with the message saying “Learn Dharma too. smoking too despite knowing it’s a harmful drug What did you do to make sure you won the passion? Disciple here, please rest. Otherwise, I’ll make you another big set.”

Perry Paiwan’s child later commented on the 2nd defendant’s post saying, “Come on, you’ve got to organize it. We saw a long time ago Now I’m sure there’s a lawyer on the side. (Let me whisper that in secret – he gave money to the lawyer foundation. So they protect each other) Hurry to read. I will delete it. Read it and press like to let me know. I will delete it. (Along with attaching a photo of the 1st plaintiff’s post that the 1st plaintiff has already posted a message about Luang Ta Sinsap Charonthamo on the page “Attorney Ananchai Chaiyadej” on October 5, 2022 under the topic of Luang Tasapsin VS Attorney Ananchai Regarding the case where Luang Ta Sinsap gave the 1st plaintiff money in the amount of 1,000,000 baht, underlined in red ink on the text 1,000,000 baht)

As for the 3rd defendant, he came to comment on the 2nd defendant’s comment which was to “put the money in the lawyer’s mouth first. Is there something that the lawyer is afraid of revealing or not?” The 2nd defendant replied to the 3rd defendant, “The lawyer sued, did he touch Luang Ta Khao?”

Mr. said Ananchai that the 1st defendant posted, although he did not mention the name Who is the person who teaches Dharma while smoking? Ta Luang Asset In Wat Pa Bo Nam Phra In, Chong Mek Sub-District, Sirindhorn District, Ubon Ratchathani Province has the first plaintiff as a disciple, which disrupts the Dharma teachings of Luang Ta Asset And make third parties understand that the plaintiff has 1, who have qualifications, age, professional lawyers for more than 37 years, reputation and maturity. but he also became a disciple of the faith in the Dharma teachings of Luangta Asset who is not a winner in any way

Mr. Ananchai went on to say that the 1st defendant also intended to cause the 2nd and 3rd defendants to commit defamation by advertising the plaintiff. suggestive by already knowing that Luang Ta Asset Give money to the plaintiff 1 as a fund to support the plaintiff in the amount of 1 million baht to help monks and beginners in various temples throughout the country. not to silence the two plaintiffs In order not to reveal bad things about Luang Ta’s assets, in any way cause the two plaintiffs to tarnish their reputation and honor. So today he brought the case to trial and asked all 3 defendants to Advertise the verdict and apology through TV Newspapers, online media, 46 media

“People must have cause and effect. So bring the defamed person to court to prove that he is right and wrong Confirm that the money given is brought to the Foundation, that there is a balance sheet and it can be checked,” said the famous lawyer.

Reporters reported that the court accepted the case as Black Case No. 1608/2566 and scheduled a preliminary hearing on August 21, 2023 at 9:00 am

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