Arrest warrant denied for former Dongdaemun Regional Office chief Yoo Deok-yeol over bribe payments

Deok-yeol Yoo, the former head of Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, who is accused of accepting money and valuables in exchange for a promotion and using public funds for private purposes, escaped arrest.

Seoul Central District Court Judge Yoon Jae-nam, who is in charge of warrants, announced on the 9th that he had rejected the arrest warrant for former district chief Yu, who is accused of bribery, abuse of power, obstruction exercising rights, theft, and breaking the Local Public Officers Act.

Judge Yoon said, “Considering the fact that the suspect’s residence is constant and that he will diligently participate in the investigation, and that it appears necessary to guarantee the right to defense in light of the records and the various circumstances revealed in the inquiry. process, the need for arrest and the reasonableness of arrest are deemed to be insufficient. Yes,” he explained the reason for refusing.

Yu is suspected of receiving tens of millions of won money and other valuables from the district office staff in exchange for favors and using public funds from the district office for personal use.

After completing the suspect’s pre-arrest interrogation (warrant validity check), which took place for about 2 hours from 10:30 am on the same day, former district chief Yu said, “I explained in detail (relating to r accusations) in court,” but “I did not accept bribes in exchange for promotion. That’s not true at all,” he said. reporter Jo Yoo-kyung