As promised! Saibun girl won the lottery for the 1st prize, received 6 million, given to teachers 2 million

The noodle seller won the 1st prize, receiving 6 million baht as he wished. get number from firecracker tail before giving money to teachers 2 million baht according to the contract

after the announcement Government lottery results for the period of 16 July 2022, which the 1st prize is 620405, the 3 front numbers 159 834, the last 3 numbers 061 279 and the last 2 numbers 53, as has already been reported.

Reporters reported that yesterday (17 July) at house number 108, Village No. 15, Ban Pa Sak, Nong Kra Thao Subdistrict, Nakhon Thai District, Phitsanulok Province, which is the office of Village Headman, Village No. 15, villagers came to congratulate with Ms. Paweena, 32 years old, who was lucky to win the 1st prize for the date of July 16, 2022, number 620405, 1 card

Ms. Paweena went up to pay homage in front of the altar table on the second floor of the house. Before revealing to reporters that on July 10 ago He had attended the Wai Kru ceremony at the house of Mr. Sophon Bua Pratum, 37 years old, the village headman whom he respected as a teacher. Since you will go together to build and do many religious places, he will also use his physical and mental energy to attend the merit making event every time. They set up an almshouse to offer food and drinking water to the monks.

And on the day of Wai Kru Ton, he offered firecrackers to Kru Ba Achan at Sophon’s house, amounting to 5 thousand shots. The firecracker tail number is 05, so he prayed to his teacher that he had good luck and won the big prize. If the prize is awarded, money will be presented to the teacher.

especially when passing the monument of Pho Khun Bang Klang Thao near the house Along the road to Nakhon Thai District He would raise his hands to pay homage with respect and faith every time. The daughter who goes with them always asks Pho Khun Bang Klang Thao to be lucky to win the government lottery every time.

After getting the firecracker tail numbers, they bought many of the last numbers 05 and 50 government lottery tickets. Yesterday evening, the results of the lottery were announced. then have a friend help check Appears to have won the 1st prize as requested. Received a prize of 6 million baht.

He will give the teacher 2 million baht to show the truth that has been said to the teacher. The rest will be kept as capital for selling noodles and making merit. At first, he prayed that he could sell noodles for 5,000 baht per day.