“Autistic 3-year-old boy” missing from home for 4 days. Clip reveals minute of discovery. drinking water in the creek

Anthony Elphalac or AJ A three-year-old Australian boy with autismand don’t speak disappearFrom a home in Putty in northern New South Wales. Just before noon last Friday More than 200 officers and volunteers scoured the carpet for three days, grabbing liquid water, until the family began to despair, but police helicopters eventually found the boy just 500 meters from his home. which has a wide area covering an area of ​​approximately 1,600 rai, surrounded by forest 150 km northwest of Sydney, the area found. The search team had already searched for each other.

Antony Elfalak, his father, said this was a miracle. The son had a diaper rash, was bitten by an ant, and fell, but was still alive. While Prime Minister Scott Morrison also joined in congratulating and was relieved to know that AJ was safe.

(Mrs. Elfalak, AJ’s mother, was so moved that she could hardly stand. and wept as the officer brought the son back to his mother’s arms )

however The police also had to try to contend that What happened during the three days, and it remains a mystery why all of a sudden the boy was so addicted to his mother. So he strayed from the house far away. Police seized a white pickup truck. near where AJ was last seen and continues to investigate Is it a kidnapping case?

Meanwhile, AJ’s father speculated that his son would want to explore the forest area. After the family gave up on the Covid situation in Sydney and moved there permanently. three months ago

AJ’s family can’t eat, can’t sleep Since learning the boy is missing, issued a statement thanking NSW police, rescue, volunteers, neighbors in the community. and relatives who have helped unfailingly for the past 3 days .


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