Back area 04 10 even open! Lotto Big Jackpot empty draw pool of 971 million_Loteries_Sina Sports

Sports Lottery Screenshots

On the evening of November 9th, Beijing time, the lottery 22128 of the Lotto Sports Lottery was drawn. The lottery numbers are currently: 10 19 21 23 35 in the front area and 04 10 in the back area.


The first prize in this issue is open; the second prize has 59 bets, the single bet bonus is 267,000 yuan, of which 22 bets are additional bets, and each bet will receive an additional bonus of 213,000 yuan. After the addition, the second single bet prize Total bonus is 480,000 yuan. The current sales volume was 287 million, and the remaining 971 million after the judgment was delivered.

Other sports lottery draw numbers that night are:

Position Number 22299 Latest lottery number: 2 9 9

Latest lottery number in issue 22299: 2 9 9 5 0

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