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along with Margot RobbieRyan Gosling Starring in the live-action Barbie movie “Barbie“It will be on the big screen in July,trailerTheme songBeing released one after another, the director Greta Gerwigart director Sarah Greenwood, and set designer Katie Spencer have also recently expressed to “Architectural Digest” reveals more about the story of “Barbie World”.

When Greta Gerwig explained how to capture the essence of Barbie and evoke people’s childhood memories, she emphasized that the iconic “Dreamhouse” had to be extremely whimsical to fully present the aesthetic, and Sarah Greenwood even mentioned the incredible fact that the pink country, which is full of fun, even causing an international shortage of pink paint: “There is no pink in the world!”

In this regard, “Los Angeles Times“Checking specifically with paint supplier ROSCO, Lauren Proud, its vice president of global marketing, agreed: “We provided everything we could, and really used our inventory.”

Although there are still many factors, including the extreme cold weather in Texas in 2021, which caused the paint materials to freeze and damage, and the filming period was during the epidemic period, etc., the amount can be felt still huge pink from the trailers and recent photos of the scene revealed so far.

“Barbie” will be released on 7 moon 20 officially released onInterested readers may wish to pay more attention to related news.


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