Become the god of an open world full of dinosaurs, a prehistoric world revealed

▲ Prehistoric World screenshot (Image source: Steam official page)

An open world strategy game that explores a planet that replicates the earth of 66 million years ago full of dinosaurs has been released.

‘Prehistoric World: A New Beginning’, which is being developed by Imperion Online, opened its Steam page on the 4th and began preparations for a full-scale release. The game is set in the future, about 300 years in the future, when a private company discovers an Earth-like planet 66 million years ago and recreates the dinosaur fauna on that planet for use commercial.

On the planet called ‘Hope’, many dinosaurs enjoy their lives in the open air. There are 42 types of Jurassic-based dinosaurs, including herbivores, carnivores, water dragons and pterosaurs, across the planet. Players must hunt native biomes that hinder dinosaur reproduction, manage the ecosystem, and increase the dinosaur population in order to maximize the company’s profits.

The technology given for this is brain control technology. Using this technology, you can control the brains of all the dinosaurs on the planet. This allows you to perform a variety of tasks, such as breeding dinosaurs, collecting eggs, and selling them. It looks like an action or RPG because it is based on an open world, but looking at the UI or game screenshots, it feels like a strategy genre played from a third person or omniscient perspective.

The expected release date of ‘Prehistoric World: A New Beginning’ is the first quarter of next year, and at the moment only English is confirmed as the supported language.

▲ Prehistoric World: A New Beginning Trailer (Video source: Imperial Online Official YouTube Channel)

Prehistoric World screenshot (Image source: official Steam page)
▲ Prehistoric World screenshot (Image source: Steam official page)

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