Beer instead of camera at the moment of Woods shot… This man became a beer ad star

What if ‘golf king’ Tiger Woods (47, USA) makes a decisive shot right in front of me?

Advertisement t-shirt made by Michelop Ultra using photos of 'Michelop Guy' Mark Raditic.  Twitter capture

Advertisement t-shirt made by Michelop Ultra using photos of ‘Michelop Guy’ Mark Raditic. Twitter capture

Most people will take out their smartphones and take pictures. It is to preserve the momentary moment that will never happen twice as a video. However, there is a man who turned his life around by capturing that moment in his own eyes. Instead of a smartphone, he held a beer can and reverently admired the emperor’s shot, ‘Michelle Guy’. Thanks to his ‘fan’ for Woods and a can of beer, he became a ‘Thunderbolt Star’.

According to Golf Week on the 29th (Korean time), beer company Michelop Ultra has signed a 15-second advertisement contract with Mark Raditic, who became famous for ‘Michelop Guy’. Until the second day of the PGA Championship on the 20th, Mark was an ordinary middle-aged man who loved golf. However, on the second shot of Woods’ 1st hole that day, a surprise came to his life.

On the hole, Woods’ tee shot bent sharply to the right and the ball landed on the rough with galleries. The appearance of Woods taking his second shot right in front of the gallery was known to the world through Getty Images, a photo news agency. While both of you were holding smartphones to take a picture of the Emperor, Mark was alone, holding a can of Michelop Ultra beer with both hands. The sight of him appreciating Woods’ shot later became a topic of discussion online. On social media, he nicknamed him ‘Michelop Guy’, and after asking about Michelop Ultra, he found Mark and signed an advertising contract.

In a 15-second advertisement for Michelop Ultra, the slogan was ‘It’s only worth it if you enjoy it’ along with a picture of Mark. It was pointed out that most of the precious moments were recorded on video, so they couldn’t really enjoy them. The picture of him holding his beer and staring at Woods was also released as goods such as T-shirts and hats. “We had a hard time finding the Michelop Guy Mark who proved that ‘only worth having fun’, says Michelop Ultra. He will leave his image as a gift forever.”

Reporter Jo Soo-young

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