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“BG Pathum United” defeated “Udon United” 2-0 through 32 teams “Chang FA Cup”

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On October 27, 1964, National Sports University Stadium Udon Thani Campus It is a football match for Chang FA Cup 2021-22, round of 64, the final team, “The Rabbit” BG Pathum United, the 4th team from the Hilux Revo Thai League, has a program to visit Udon United, a team from the Blue Dragon Battle. league or Thai League 3 Northeast Zone

Opening the first half, just in the 2nd minute, the army “The Rabbit” came up to the goal quickly from the rhythm that added the game to the right side. Surachart Saree Pim opened into the penalty area and was Sumanya Purisai up. Headed in for BG Pathum to take the lead 1-0

In the 24th minute, the army “The Rabbit” almost got the second goal when it came to free-kick in front of the penalty area and it was Kevin Ingreso who was responsible for shooting the ball that was about to hit the post. But the local goalkeeper brushed away after the 35th minute, Udon United defended the goal from a corner kick, melee in the penalty area before the last stroke was Sittipat Greari, who shot over the crossbar behind him.

In the 38th minute, Udon United almost equalized again from the moment when Celio Da Silva snatched the ball from the BGPU line before raising to shoot but was saved by Chatchai Butprom. More goals ended the first half, BG Pathum United led Udon United 1-0.

Returning to play in the second half in the 56th minute, the “The Rabbit” army almost got a second goal at the stroke of a corner kick. Sumanya Purisai opened for Sarawut Kerdsri to head, but the ball was not good. After 57 minutes, BGPU had another chance to win the second goal from the shot in front of Sumanya Purisai’s penalty area, but the ball crossed the bar behind him.

In the 62nd minute, BG Pathum United got the second goal from the moment that Nattaphon Worasut cut the ball before placing it for Sumanya Purisai to evade the local defense line for two strokes before firing into the open air. The “The Rabbit” army takes the lead 2-0

In the 74th minute, the army “The Rabbit” had a chance to win the third goal from a shot in the penalty area of ​​Jenprab Samphaodi, but the local goalkeeper was still able to turn away. In the 78th minute, BGPU changed the player who Second by sending Yodrak Namuangrak to play instead of Nattaphon Worasut

In the 81st minute, Sumanya Purisai tried to take the ball into the penalty area, but stuck in the line of defense for the locals. In the 89th minute, BG Pathum United almost got the third goal again from the rhythm that Sirote Chatthong flowed for Peerapong to win. Chotirat shot in front of the penalty area But the home goalkeeper was still able to brush away. In injury time, 90+3 minutes, Kevin Ingreso shot in front of the penalty area, but the ball didn’t go into the frame. The next minute, Sirote Chatthong had a chance to score a goal, but the ball didn’t go into the frame again.

The rest of the time, there are no more goals. End of the game, BG Pathum United defeated Udon United 2-0, through to the round of 32, the final team in the Chang FA Cup 2021-22 successfully by drawing a draw for the round of 32 teams. It takes place on Monday, November 1, 2021. For the next match program, “The Rabbit” will enter the field in the Hilux Revo Thai League 2021-22, the 10th match, with a visit to Chiang Mai United on Saturday 30. October 2021 at 6:00 p.m. at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium

List of players for both teams

Udon United: Chayanan Khamphala (Goalkeeper), Niwat Nonkhao, Atitcha Rahongthong, Thatsakorn Songkongduangdee, Ittithi Jankot, Kraiwat Boonlue , Pongsatorn Sakkhaw, Sitthipat Grearee, Sittisak Sangsuwan, Celio da Silva, Sitthan Kingkan

BG Pathum United: Chatchai Butprom (Goalkeeper), Ernesto Phumpha (Siroj Chatthong, n.65), Kevin Ingreso, Victor Cardoso (Team Leader) , Sumanya Purisai, Peerapong Pichitchotirat, Surachart Sareepim, Jenrob Samphaodee, Nattapon Worasut (Yodrak Namuangrak N.78), Chatri Chimtalay, Prof. Rawut Kerdsri

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