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[Billiards]Wu Anyi lost to Gao Te in the men’s World Tour but the drums of victory were not sounded

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[Sports Road News]Hong Kong Snooker Women’s Snooker Wu Anyi once again played in the Men’s World Professional Tour at the Chase Leisure Centre in Cannock, a city in central England on Friday (29th), competing for the 2022 European Masters qualifier. “Four-eyed cue queen” An Yi finally lost 0:5 to British golfer Martin Gould and has yet to win his first World Tour victory.

Earlier this month, Wu Anyi played in the qualifiers of the 2022 German Masters at the same venue. At that time, she was ahead of 4:2 in an excellent situation. As long as she won one more round, she could win the promotion. The total number of rounds was 4:4: 5 Regrettably lose to British golfer Craig Steadman (Craig Steadman).

After a week or so, An Yi faced the 23rd highest in the world. He was still able to compete with the opponent in the first game, but in the end, when both sides failed to “break”, he lost the first game by 40:65. . The game situation in the future was completely inclined to Gaote. The 40-year-old British player played two “50+” in a single game in two consecutive games, first with a 107:0 “zero seal” An Yi, and then won a game 111:16. .

(Photo Credit:World Women’s Snooker Twitter)

(Photo Credit:World Women’s Snooker Twitter)

In this game, the average cue time (Averge Shot Time, hereinafter referred to as AST) is only 17.9 seconds, but the AST is 38 seconds. Hong Kong generals have not seen any improvement. Gott, who once won the German Masters Championship in 2016, eventually won two more games 99:19, 117:1, and 5:0. He was awarded a two-season wild card at the beginning of this year and was able to team up with the English women’s billiards. Celebrity Reanne Evans participated in the men’s professional tournament in An Yi in the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons.

After finishing the qualifiers of the European Masters, An Yi will continue to stay in the UK to prepare for the British Open from the 1st to the 7th next month. At that time, Anyi will first fight the British star and the 2018 champion Stuart Bingham. If he wins the wave, he can enter the race. The 45-year-old Bingham is currently ranked 12th in the world. This British player who has played “147” 8 times in his career has won 6 rankings. He is also the winner of the 2015 World Championships.

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